Malloc Inc. has excerpted from a knowledge library and real life experiences. Its
goal is to help IT consultants solve real life problems.

Many technical articles exists with no clear hints or a conclusion. How can advice
given in those articles (if there was any) be applied to your system? We at Malloc Inc.
read countless articles and books, and felt that they have provided numerous, yet
confusing options, but not the genuine advice telling which one to follow.
Options and advice were so generic that they were practically useless. Of course,
writers don’t really want to expose themselves to plenty of criticism, so they are
playing safe, but, usually, this fact is not very helpful.

It is important to mention that there is no “single solution” in IT. Matters can be
handled in various ways, most of the time, and there will often be alternative
solution(s) to the existing one.

As an IT person, you have to build a high-quality solution that fulfills the requirements
while not exceeding the budget. considering the percentage of projects that fail to
accomplish this, it is a great feat if you manage to succeed. Malloc Inc. can help you
accomplish these goals.